The Next Era Of Social Media Marketing

There have been unprecedented changes throughout the marketing landscape over the past several months. While none of us are experts on how to market a business on social media through a global pandemic, there are guiding principles that remain constant that will help brands think through their messaging and make decisions as our current climate evolves.

Over the past few months, we all have had to depend on technology more than we ever expected just to survive and keep the doors open.

Businesses especially have had to rely on digital and social media marketing more now than they ever have. Because of that, many brands are being more creative and using social media differently, and so are consumers.

Digital Lifestyle Alterations

People from all walks of life are adjusting to the new digital landscape. Consumers are relying on different platforms for content, and the demand for more content is continually increasing.

For brands, this means that content needs to be created to meet a broader audience in multiple places, including older generations who are embracing the digital lifestyle.

As brands and consumers have evolved, so have social media platforms themselves, continuously improving and updating to meet the ever-growing consumer demand

Changes In Consumer Expectations

In addition to more content, consumers' expectations have changed in how brands should engage with customers. Instead of a one-sided conversation, where a brand simply posts and ghosts, brands now need to interact with customers and respond to customer needs.

Brands that recognized this at the onset of the pandemic and ramped up their social media marketing efforts will be the ones to benefit the most when this crisis is behind us.

However, despite the overwhelming amount of change that has taken place, some brands have discovered an entirely new audience and will continue to thrive post-Covid-19.

Cuts In Advertising Budgets

Because of financial uncertainty, some marketers are pulling back ad spend in all areas, including social media. One study showed that 89% of advertisers have taken some sort of action with their ad spend since March.

Despite many advertisers rolling back budgets, right now, it is cheaper for businesses to build their brand and engage with their customers through social media. If there was ever a time to start advertising on social media or increase spending, now is the time to do it.

Alternate Paths To Purchase

People are more comfortable buying and interacting online. For the brands that are ready, available and active, there are opportunities to connect and even drive purchases during this time.

Businesses need to take a moment to reexamine their audience and customer avatars. They need to forget everything an audience has done before and everything they thought they knew about the