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Steve Jobs Apple Marketing Philosophy

1. Stand For Something

In 1977, Apple laid down their principles.

It was labeled "The Apple Marketing Philosophy."

It laid the ground for everything they stood for.

Empathy - Understanding People

Focus - Do few things well

Impute - Great

2. A Great Product Is Great Marketing

A great product markets itself

Jobs knew good brands were built on great products.

Not advertising.

Each time a product was released -- excellence was expected.

This made the value of Apple's products evident to consumers.

3. Sell An Idea or Status

Steve Jobs was an innovator who moved the world forward.

This was also the idea/status Apple sold.

People who use Apple products can also move the world forward.

4. And Sell What The Product Does For People

Steve Jobs never sold the product.

Or the benefits.

He sold what the product did for consumers.

How does this Apple product make your life a little better.

5. Tell Stories.

The idea/status was sold through storytelling.

The "Think Different" campaign focused on the people who thought different and changed the world.

And if you bought an Apple product, you thought different.

6. Inspire

Jobs used storytelling to inspire consumers.

Everything from the product to the marketing inspired people to 'Dream Bigger.'

This meant every time Apple released a new product -- you could achieve bigger.

This kept bringing consumers back over and over again.

7. Create Brand Advocates

By inspiring users to take on this mission of changing the world -- Jobs turned consumers into raving fans.

They felt as if they were part of a movement. Something larger than themselves.

Apple's advocacy resulted in a cult-like fan base.

8. Us vs. Them

Cults have an Us vs. Them mentality.

Exhibit A: Mac vs. PC

Exhibit B: iPhone vs. Android

Jobs knew the best superheroes always had villains they had to defeat.

So he built an army to make it happen.

9. Word of Mouth

Us vs. Them leads to fans who do all the marketing for you.


Because they NEVER want to lose to the opposition.

So they go on and on about why Apple is the best.

This is an organic marketing machine.

10. Secrets Create Suspense

Cult-like fans meant they always wanted to know what Apple was up to.

Apple knew this.

Before releases, they would drop a hint, then a rumor, then a conflicting rumor, and the buzz would get going.

Plus Job's infamous "Oh, one more thing"

11. Experiences Over Campaigns

This all worked because every aspect was part of the experience.

From the keynotes to the releases to the second you got an Apple product -- it all created an emotional response.

Every little bit inspired you to do more.

1. Stand For Something

2. Great Product Is Great Marketing

3. Sell An Idea/Status

4. And Sell The Benefit

5. Tell Stories

6. Inspire Through Stories

7. Create Advocates

8. Through An Us vs. Them Model

9. Drive Word of Mouth

10. Create Suspense

11. Focus on experiences

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