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Create ADs for Streaming Tv

Great ad creative doesn’t come from luck, or even talent. Great ad creative happens when you reinforce an authentic brand story with established best practices. Here are a few to get you thinking about ads that work on Streaming TV.

  • Do you open with impact to hook your viewers?

  • What happens in the first 3-5 seconds of your ad? Does it really pop?

  • Does your brand personality come through?

  • Is your ad authentic? Does it speak to who you are and what you’re about? Is the tone right?

  • Does your ad start and end with your brand name or logo?

  • You never want the viewer wondering, “What is this an ad for?”

  • Do you have a mix of text on screen and VO to reinforce your message?

  • Did you get your graphics and audio right? Are they on brand? Are they memorable?

  • Does your ad have a clear, singular message?

  • In this case, less is more. More memorable.

  • Do you end with a clear call to action (on screen for at least 3 seconds)?

  • What does the viewer walk away with? Will they remember what you had to say?

  • Are you telling a compelling story that is unique to your brand?

  • Do you know what your competition is up to? What makes your message and ads stand out?

  • Nice to have: Does your ad make a clever nod to the streaming viewer and their environment or preferences?

  • People watching Streaming TV bring a different set of expectations to the viewing experience. Can you tap into this?

  • Is your creative tailored to your audience and their values?

  • Think through your target audience. Are you trying to reach a new segment with this ad?

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